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Independent servo drive system in each printing unit to ensure stable register at high printing speed.
Water feeding, ink feeding, register all controlled in touch screen, easy to operate.
Unique design, let the water supply system is more stable, more perfect colors.
CCD Camera show every pc at the monitor.
Repeat printing system make you easy printing more colors job.
Apply electronic component from famous international brand to guarantee long term stably running.
The machine problem automacit show at screen, easy to maintenance the machine.
Machine Dimension 7500 x 1800 x 1500 mm
Maximum image-text length 290 mm
Maximum printing speed 200 IPH
Maximum printing width 310 mm
Maximum rewin diameter 500 mm
Maximum width of printing materials 320 mm
Net Weight 6000 KG
Offset printing unit motor power 2 Kw/per unit
Overprinting precision ±0.04 mm
Printing plate size 318 x 315 mm
Printing plate thickness 0.15 mm
Rubber cloth size 350 x 315 mm
The thickness of printing materials 0.03-0.4 mm
UV system power source power 2 kw