Considering the company history, our company is a manufacturer of Textile and Hosiery Machinery and seller in India as well as Exporting the same all around the Globe. For the last 09 years, the company is manufacturing the machinery for the Masks, Sanitizers as well as PPE Kits. Our sister concern units are the manufacturer of the raw materials that are necessary for the manufacture of the Products and further distribution.

I must say that the year 2020 has been a tough time for us all because most people were unaware of the impacts of this pandemic, many do not even know about the terms Masks, Sanitizers, PPE Kits, etc. But time has taught them all. These terms were only being used by nursing departments and hospitals. But after the advent of COVID 19, the demands for these health and safety products are increasing. Accordingly, there is a hike of 10% demand for the machinery as well.

The most interesting fact about our machinery which makes it different from the World that these are Hi-Tech, Latest Technology Machinery at around HALF of the Prices if we compare it with that of Europe, America, Canada, the U.K.

As per the information and the feedback from our importers/ customers that our machines are easy to install and operate. Machinery is designed in such a manner that there is no need to assemble/dismantle the machinery before installation. The operators only have to 'Plug and Start.' These are durable, rough & tough to use. These are designed to occupy less space with functionality that never breakdowns. In addition to this, we offer our customers 02 years warranty on the machinery exported. We always send our technicians to teach and train the importer without charging any additional costs.

We are not limited to machinery only, we manufacture the fabric and other raw materials also, in the BEST PREMIUM QUALITY, LESS WEIGHT, DURABLE, MEDICALLY CERTIFIED as well as ECONOMIC, which has a good impact on the cost of the final product as well.

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