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This machine is available in folding in the box flaps and pressing the bubbles in one press for rigid boxes such as gift boxes, phone boxes ,jewellery boxes,      
shoe boxes,shirt boxes, cosmetic boxes, candy boxes etc. After the box is finished this machine can remove the bubbles from the box this it improves the cosmetic and       upgrade the quality.
Press the bubble after box is finished, then the surface of the box will be smooth , thus improving appearance.
Apply Mitsubishi PLC control and man-machine control for adjusting, easy and simple operation.
With emergency stop switch.
No need to change the pressing boards for bubble pressing when changing to another box size.
The electric parts apply international brand, low malfunction and high accuracy.
Suitable to thick paper (such as 200-350gsm ) with anti-rebound device (optional).
Box Size (Max.)mm 500X400X120mm
Box Size (Min.)mm 100X100X10mm
Displacement(Max) 0.95m3/min
Downward Pressure 160-200kgf
External Pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
Folding-in Depth 10-80mm
Machine Dimension 900X800X2000mm
Net Weight 380kg
Power 15W/AC220V
Side Pressure 240-280kgf
Speed 10-20pcs