Eggnog flavoured dairy ice cream with chocolate
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Eggnog flavoured dairy ice cream with chocolate has a special, sweet taste. This luxurious dessert is enjoyable both for those who prefer the strong sweetness of eggnog and for lovers of Belgian chocolate, which is valued all over the world.

  • The ice cream is served in a very convenient plastic box which protects the product from external damage. The plastic box is easy to transport, so you will be able to enjoy the ice cream both at home and on a trip.
  • Each tub contains 1000 ml of light and easily servable ice cream.
  • The ice cream is especially natural-tasting because it is rich in fresh cream and natural milk. Besides this, the ice cream is produced without any harmful additives.
  • The ice cream is flavoured with real Belgian chocolate.
  • DIONE vanilla ice cream with chocolate will appeal to gourmets of all ages who love chocolate and want a less traditional flavour of ice cream.
  • This box of DIONE ice cream is a great dessert for a large gathering of family or friends. The ice cream laced with chocolate will make for a great decoration on a festive table.