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There is nothing warmer and more inviting than the comfort of wood in your home. Sansin Purity Interior Stains and Clears are designed to bring the natural beauty of your wood to life.

While the exterior of your home is most exposed to weathering, interiors need to be protected against staining, dirt, odors and general wear and tear. Purity Interior Stain is a penetrating finish that contains modified natural oils and resins that work to enhance the warm beauty of your wood without harsh or flammable solvents. Purity Interior Clears are designed to give your wood a protective finish with rich dimension, available in flat, satin, or gloss finishes. Purity Interior Stains and Clears are perfect for cabinetry, shelves, ceilings and walls, amplifying the natural beauty and character of your wood.


Breathe easier

Purity Interior Stains and Clears are environmentally-friendly formulas perfect for the inside of your home. Many interior coatings contain harsh solvents that release highly toxic fumes into the air long after application. Purity Interior Stains and Clears use nature's own solvent, water - so you can breathe easier.


A perfectly beautiful finish

Because Purity Interior Stains penetrate, application is simple and trouble-free - with no unsightly splatter or brush-marks. As a finish, use Purity Interior Clear UV and Purity Interior Clear Arctic to create the distinctive ambience you desire. Both Purity Interior Stains and Purity Interior Clears enhance character, are low-odor, and are very low in VOC's. Now you can enjoy the comfort of your home, and your health, in the same breath.


Perfect for log homes

The sheer size of the wood used in log home construction demands a coating that "breathes" freely, allowing moisture to evaporate and preventing wood decay. Purity Interior Stains are especially designed for log homes. Water carries modified natural oils deep into the logs, so Purity Interior Stains can be applied even to wood with a high moisture content - particularly useful for log homes where moisture levels of 25% or higher are common.