Diamond salt, pink crystals, 315g
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This diamond salt comes from underground deposits that were formed for thousands of years by drying out of lakes and intern seas.
This is the purest salt in the world. Its flavour is a little less salty than fleur de sel and its struc- ture is slightly drier, so it can be used in a mill. Its neutral taste goes with everything. Its colour may vary from rose to red depending on the iron content. An earth salt, it is non-iodized. Its colour and shape are stylish and impressive.Origins :
The history of diamond salt began 200 million years ago. The Himalayan Mountains were born in a collision of the Indo-Australian and Eurasian plates that closed the Tethys Ocean separating them.
The slow evaporation of this ocean water left behind these rose salt crystals, rich in minerals and trace elements.
Suggestions for use :
This crystals emphasizes the flavour of your dish.
Ingredients :
100% diamond salt