Vanilla dairy ice cream
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This DIONE ice cream product provides a very traditional quartet of flavours: a large portion of vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone glazed with milk chocolate and sprinkled with chopped nuts. There could be nothing more delicious!

  • The ice cream is served in a crisp but non-crumbling waffle cone.
  • This larger portion is suitable for those who would like to enjoy DIONE ice cream for a little longer. Each 150 ml portion is dipped in thick non-crumble Belgian milk chocolate, valued all over the world.
  • The chocolate is sprinkled with roughly chopped and medium-roasted hazelnuts. Not only do we make sure that fresh and quality nuts are selected, we also ensure that they are roasted for an appropriate amount of time, so that they do not give off the bitterness typical of over-roasted nuts. On the contrary, the nuts are mildly sweet and crunchy.
  • The ice cream is especially natural-tasting because it contains 10 percent fresh cream and 30 percent milk. Besides this, the ice cream is produced without any harmful additives.
  • DIONE vanilla ice cream with milk chocolate and chopped hazelnut glazing will appeal to those who enjoy luxurious classics and quality, as well as to those who like a really big helping of ice cream.
  • DIONE products are available in stylish, easy to open packages, so the ice cream can be enjoyed straight away!