Madagascar vanilla dairy ice cream
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DIONE offers its customers special 3-bar packs of ice cream. From now on, sharing ice cream with your loved ones will be even simpler than before! Three portions of separately packaged DIONE ice cream bars are sold in a sturdy cardboard box, making the ice cream convenient to transport and easy to taste and share with your friends.

Madagascar vanilla dairy cream with Belgian chocolate glazing means slightly more than just traditional vanilla ice cream. Madagascar vanilla, grown on the islands of the Indian Ocean, is the most expensive type of vanilla. It is distinguished by a very rich aroma, which gives DIONE ice cream its exceptional flavour.

  • The ice cream bar is served on a comfortable to hold wooden stick marked with the DIONE logo.
  • Each 100 ml portion is dipped in thick non-crumble Belgian chocolate, valued all over the world. A single pack contains three portions.
  • The ice cream is especially natural-tasting because it contains 7 percent fresh cream and 25 percent milk. Besides this, the ice cream is produced without any harmful additives.
  • DIONE Madagascar vanilla dairy ice cream will be loved by those who enjoy luxurious and classic flavours and want to taste high-quality ice cream.
  • DIONE products are available in stylish, easy to open packaging, so the ice cream bars can be enjoyed straight away! The compact cardboard box protects the ice cream from external pressure; therefore, the separately packaged portions are convenient for active situations.